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Blue Shirt Coaching helps you save time, grow your business, be the go-to in your industry, and have peace of mind in the process.

Blue Shirt Leadership House

Introducing The Blue Shirt Leadership Framework

  • Be a Self-Aware Leader

    The foundation of effective leadership is powerfully deep self-awareness. As a BLUE Shirt Leader, you will know how your thinking and behaviors impact others, your team, yourself, and your circumstances.

  • Lead with Accountability

    Leading with accountability is the nails and hammer that hold your leadership and business together. As a BLUE Shirt Leader, you create an environment that helps people think for themselves and be responsible while accurately measuring progress and results. When you invest in accountability, you invest in a more profitable business. 

  • Use a Growth Mindset

    Remodel your business and leadership so that you can grow your influence. As a BLUE Shirt Leader, you maintain a growth mindset for your leadership, team success, and business effectiveness. Acting as if there is always room to learn and progress. 

  • Empower Others

    This final piece of the framework stabilizes and guarantees future business growth. As a BLUE Shirt Leader, you provide the environment and resources people need to work from their strengths and think for themselves to freely bring solutions and ideas. 

Which Approach Do You Like More?

Overworked Stressed-Out Business Approach

High Stress and No Freedom
  • Work 60+ hour weeks yet business growth and getting your work done doesn't happen.
  • Fight a daily uphill battle to make sales and turn a reasonable profit.
  • Do the work of employees that are going to leave soon anyway.
  • Struggle with inconsistent results from unreliable systems.
  • Stress out from cashflow concerns and have no peace of mind.
  • Take calls at home and not have the personal life you deserve.
  • Engage in meetings and conversations that go nowhere with employees.
  • Be an unknown in the community even though you know how good you really are.

The Blue Shirt Business Approach

Use the Blue Shirt Framework
  • Experience consistent and reasonable workweeks and workload.
  • Make sales an enjoyable and reliable process in your business.
  • Use strategies that your team gets behind and keeps your stress down.
  • Build reliable systems and processes that get results and make you the go-to business.
  • Find the answers to your cashflow concerns and become more profitable.
  • Enjoy peace of mind on nights, weekends, and vacations without worry about the business.
  • Have loyal and responsible employees that you can rely on.
  • Be known as the go-to business in your industry in your community and beyond.
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