Want to Grow Your Business and Be More Profitable?

Stop the DIY approach to business and use a proven blueprint for business success. I am doggedly committed to your success as you recruit and retain employees, refine systems and processes, and grow revenue in your business. 


Are you ready to grow your business?

My mission is to champion business owners to shift their mindset and habits towards greater productivity, accountability, and strategy, ultimately leading to more freedom.

  • Do you want to grow your business? 

  • Do you want to be more profitable? 

  • Do you want to be more organized?

  • Do you want better systems in your business?

If you answered yes to these questions, we can help you. Whether in a mastermind or in 1-on-1 coaching, we help our clients grow their businesses, become more profitable, and get organized through systems that work.

are you ready for a better experience in business?

I don’t use a “formula” in our 1:1 coaching sessions. Why? Because you and your business are unique. While there are common themes among business owners, I listen to how, where, and why *YOU* struggle.

Together we identify the golden opportunities hidden within your current mindsets, habits, systems, and financials. Then, we devise a plan of action you can implement from Day 1. I use a holistic approach, meaning your personal and professional lives co-exist and interact.

What impacts one, inevitably impacts the other. No area of life is off-limits in our conversations because they reveal where you could access even more freedom, and that’s our aim.

blue shirt business blueprint

Would you like a blueprint for business success?

Business ownership is often a lonely path. But when you’re curious enough to invest in discovering “the how” of increasing your personal and professional freedom from where you stand right now, what’s possible will blow your mind. By your side is my place in this process.

  • Are you ready to make the success you've tasted stick and free you from the grind?

  • Do you feel like you are on the edge of something huge but just can't get the time to make it happen?

  • Are you ready to invest in yourself and business to get a blueprint for ongoing success?

Here's what happens when clients work with us

DIY Business Approach

Doing it all Yourself
  • Working 60+ hour weeks yet nothing seems to get done
  • Picking up the slack for employees
  • Struggling with inconsistent results from unreliable systems
  • Stressing out from cashflow concerns
  • Taking calls at home and having no freedom
  • Frustrating repetitive conversations with employees
  • Missing the time to focus on the most important items
  • Not making the difference you want on your community and team

Partnering With Us

Working from a Blueprint
  • Experencing consistent and reasonable workweeks and workload
  • Using strategies that your team gets behind
  • Building reliable systems and processes that get results
  • Finding the answers to your cashflow concerns
  • Getting nights, weekends, and vacations without worry about the business
  • Enjoying loyal and responsible employees that you can rely on
  • Spending time weekly on the most important work of your company
  • Leading your business and team to impact lives and your community

Our Services

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1 on 1 Leadership Coaching

Invest in 1 on 1 business coaching and let's build your business blueprint to help you grow your business and your time freedom guaranteed. 

Business Blueprint Call
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Blue Shirt Mastermind

Do you want to grow your business and benefit from the collective wisdom of 5-7 other successful business owners? A Blue Shirt Mastermind is the place for you. 

Learn About This Powerful Mastermind
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The Blue Shirt Business Community

A place where business owners with blue-collar mindsets meet to support one another in the business challenges unique to their industries.

Learn About the Community
Blue Shirt Leadership House

Introducing The Blue Shirt Leadership Framework

  • Self-Awareness

    The foundation of effective leadership is powerfully deep Self-awareness. The blueprint for leadership success is in knowing yourself and investing in this process. 

  • Accountability

    Accountability is the nails and hammer that hold your leadership and business together. Strong Accountability is the blueprint for a highly responsible and engaged team that drives results and transforms businesses. When you invest in accountability, you are investing in a more profitable business. 

  • Growth

    Remodel your business and leadership so that you can grow your influence. Investing in creating a blueprint for growth goes beyond strategies and systems and gets to the heart of your people and what makes them successful. 

  • Empowerment

    When you invest in empowering your team. You are surrounded by team members that operate within their strengths and appreciate their role in the business. This final piece of your business's blueprint stabilizes your business and guarantees future growth. 

What to Expect on Your Discovery Call

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Where are you going?

Where do you want your business to be in three years? Define the future you want to create.

Growth Roadmap

Learn how to stop fighting for your limitations and start pursuing your opportunities.

Move Forward

We will determine how we can best work together and begin the work to grow your business and freedom.


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Danielle Sanchez

Small Business owner / Accountant - 1 on 1 coaching

Kyle leads and guides with his intuition and insight. In a time when I really needed some guidance to learn how to step into my confidence as a strong business owner Kyle was there to support me. He allowed me to tap into myself to find my own answers. I am extremely grateful for his coaching.

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David Leberat

Small Business owner / Consultant - 1 on 1 coaching

Kyle is a perfect match for his profession. As a sales professional, I know what passion feels like and Kyle exemplifies it. He's dedicated to his clients and he truly has an open heart to help. I knew immediately during our first conversation, and I will gladly refer anyone who's looking for his type of services.

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Simon Fountain

Copywriter - 1 on 1 coaching

Before Kyle’s coaching, I had become a person who continually met the needs of others, but had difficulty speaking up for myself and doing what actually made me feel fulfilled. Through Kyle’s coaching, I gained more clarity and certainty in what I want my marriage and my career to look like. Our conversations helped me learn more about myself and discover what is truly important to me and how to get it. My life has become less complicated, more purposeful, and there’s more time for activities that bring me rest. I have more confidence in my ability to communicate, lead, and live effectively, both personally and professionally. Thanks, Kyle!


Tyson Morgan

Church Pastor - 1 on 1 coaching

Really enjoyed working with Kyle and got a lot out of his coaching. From personal goals to professional, he helped me grow in a lot of areas. Both personally and professionally, Kyle helped me become a better leader, get better organized, set goals and action items and coached me to see the big picture in all of it. Highly recommended.


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Our courses offer leadership and system training to help you increase your mindset, achieve success, and reach your goals on your own time.

Check out our Courses
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Our Leadership Book

Become the leader you're meant to be. Learn how in this powerful book on leadership, empowerment, and putting people first. 

Order Today


In a word, accountability. Coaching helps you focus on and bring about the future. Coaching is flexible and helps you see things from new perspectives. We will help you grow away from the limitations of others or yourself and open you to possibilities. Coaching will help you innovate and adjust for more success.

We are all "busy" and that's the problem. We help you focus on the most important work of building your business blueprint and not have to DIY it. If you don't have time for 1-2 hours a week to receive coaching and do the work, you're not committed enough to making changes. 

We set up with you a system of goals that are tracked weekly to ensure you are making progress and getting a return on your investment. When you do the work, the coaching is working. The blueprint system is proven to bring results to everyone who implements it. Schedule a call and we'll show you how. 

Coaching has been defined before as perspective. Often times, entrepreneurs simply need a new perspective to make the necessary shifts in themselves and their business to be profitable. The secret to a leaders success is their willingness to follow through on the goals they intend to achieve. Our Blue Shirt Business Blueprint model is designed to create uncommon accountability in your life and business. This alone makes most businesses more profitable. We also help you build habits and systems for your business and team that make success far more predictable and repeatable. 

We have two primary ways we offer our coaching. Through one-on-one coaching and the Blue Shirt Business Community membership. Both will give you powerful results, but one-on-one coaching gets you results fast. Our clients are saving $1000s from our blueprint approach and becoming more profitable, and experiencing business growth within weeks of starting with us. 

The Blue Shirt Community is $5000 per year. Go to the community link in the menu to learn more. Schedule a Blueprint Call to learn more about one-on-one coaching. 

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