To Trust or Not…why trust in the workplace is important


Do you find it easy to trust others? Or must trust be earned?

As the leader of your business, you are in a position that requires you to trust those around you.

Just think about what happens when you don’t trust. You try to do everything yourself because you don’t trust anyone else to do the job right. Maybe you micromanage and carefully watch every move that’s being made.

How does this make your employees feel? Nobody wants to work in an environment where they aren’t trusted.

That is where you, as the leader, get to model a Trust Mindset. When you have this mindset, you trust that you hired the right people. You trust that they know what they are doing. You trust that they will get the job done right.

You might be surprised that once they feel trusted, your employees will step up and do a better job. They will take ownership of their work. They will become more engaged in the company and feel motivated to contribute to the success of the company. When this happens, your business can thrive.

There is a lot of recent research that shows the importance of trust in the workplace. Employees value transparency and respect. But don’t just trust me. Trust the data.

Besides engagement, research shows that highly-trusted workplaces enjoy:

To add, companies with high trust levels outperform companies with low trust levels by 186%.

It’s not enough to simply trust your employees. You also have to trust yourself. Trust that you made the right decisions and that you asked the right people to do the job; trust that your systems and processes will work the way they are designed to work.

Not only do you have to trust yourself, but you also need to be trustworthy. Your employees need to know that you do what you say you will do. They can’t be afraid to talk about when an error has happened or ask a question if needed.

So how trustworthy are you? Is this an area where you can improve? I encourage you to embrace the Trust Mindset and watch your business flourish.



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