Empower Your Team

Team workshops to improve communication, collaboration, and creativity.

BLUE Shirt Coaching offers several Team Workshops, all designed to help you bring your team to the next level. Team Workshops are proven to foster collaboration, creativity, and growth, which allows team members to feel empowered, listened to, and more invested in their jobs.

Not quite sure which workshop is the best fit for your team? Set up a call with BLUE Shirt Coaching to discuss your team dynamics and together we can decide what your team needs.


Unleash the Power of DISC

Transform your team's success by gaining an understanding of each member's unique behavioral style, strengths, and preferences. Learn to resolve conflict quickly, turning conflict into an opportunity for growth. Ultimately, develop the ability to lead, motivate, and inspire your team based on their individual behavioral profiles.

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The Thinking Environment

Learn the secret to leading successful and efficient meetings. A well-run meeting benefits the team by enhancing communication, fostering collaboration, promoting effective decision-making, encouraging active participation, and ultimately driving productivity and success.

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Create Dynamic Accountability

This interactive workshop is packed full of actionable strategies to help you and your team members hold each other accountable to achieving goals. Identify performance gaps and recurring issues, set clear expectations, and create an environment of effective communication in order to take charge of your success.

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Kristi K.

GK Knutson

Kyle's work is greatly helpful. It is always vital to learn more about communication among staff and he has a wonderful way of explaining it. 

Anya P.


Kyle’s workshops are fun and engaging! They really encouraged our team and helped us all grow!!

Kevin C.

Veritas Media

Kyle has a great approach and techniques to help build teams and businesses.

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