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Thad Frye

Unlocking Your Subconscious: The Power of Brain Spotting

Today’s episode of The BLUE Shirt Leadership Podcast features Thad Frye, a licensed clinical social worker and certified brain spotting consultant who specializes in a somatic modality called brain spotting. Thad explains how brain spotting works and its benefits, and shares some stories of clients who have benefited from it. He talks about how brain spotting can help people overcome blocks in their personal and professional lives. I think you’ll really enjoy today’s episode.

Notable Quotes:

“And so you’re not gonna be tracking, you’re just gonna be following whatever you’re feeling in your body, whatever memory you’re with, whatever emotion you’re feeling. And I kind of hold space for that, that that’s my job. Your job is just to go wherever your body and your brain is taking you.”

“So again, I would say the biggest part would be to do some kind of work that allows us to access that subcortical brain.”

Show Notes:

Introduction [00:00:01] Kyle introduces Thad Frye and explains that he will be discussing brain spotting, a psychological modality that can be used to work with anxiety, trauma, and high performers such as athletes and business people.

Explanation of Brain Spotting [00:01:47] Thad explains that brain spotting is a psychological modality that involves a fixed eye position and noticing where in the body a person feels any kind of charge. It allows therapists to work with the midbrain, which is often called the subconscious or subcortical brain.

Benefits of Brain Spotting and Self-Spotting [00:04:56] He explains that the benefits of brain spotting can come in many different ways, including helping people with anxiety, depression, and PTSD. He also explains that people can do self-spotting and teaches performers and athletes how to do it.

Working with athletes [00:08:53] Thad shares a story of how he helped an athlete overcome past sports-related traumas and injuries to become a top 50 person being recruited in the MLB.

Benefits of brain spotting [00:10:27] Thad explains the benefits of brain spotting and how it can help access the subcortical brain to work through past events that may be causing blocks or panic attacks.

Overcoming resistance to brain spotting [00:12:28] He addresses the resistance some people may have towards brain spotting and shares his own experience of initially being skeptical about it. He encourages people to be curious and open-minded about trying it out.

Brain Spotting Process [00:17:27] Thad explains the process of brain spotting, where clients follow their body and brain’s lead, and he manages the time.

Contacting Thad Fry [00:18:29] He shares his website,, and the Rocky Mountain Brain Spotting Institute for those interested in learning more or working with him.

Conclusion and Call to Action [00:19:15] Kyle Gillette thanks Thad Frye for being on the show and encourages listeners to click on the links in the show notes to learn more about brain spotting and how it can change lives.

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