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Juanita Kapp

The Power of Being Present: Making Wise Decisions in Business and Life with Juanita Kapp

In this episode of the Blue Shirt Leadership podcast, I had the pleasure of interviewing Juanita Kapp, a successful entrepreneur, public speaker, and martial artist. Juanita shares her insights on personal awareness, framing mindset for business success, and when to walk away from a business situation.

Notable Quotes:

“Our mindset is imperative in anything that we do.”

“I make sure the people I listen to are people that value me, that love me, that believe in my mission. And if there are outsiders that criticize or that try to impart, I sift it out.”

“Our thoughts are very, very powerful things. If we don’t disrupt the negative ones, they start to fester. If we don’t address them and put them back in the place where they belong, the negative thoughts, they really tend to take over.”

Show Notes:

Introduction [00:00:01] Kyle introduces the podcast and his guest, Juanita Kapp, and mentions that he will be a keynote speaker at a conference that Juanita is putting together.

Growing in Personal Awareness [00:03:20] Juanita talks about the importance of personal awareness in emotional intelligence growth and shares her methods for achieving it, including acknowledging her thoughts and feelings, using breathing and martial arts techniques, and positive affirmations.

Framing Mindset for Business Success [00:06:46] Juanita discusses the importance of mindset in business success and shares her approach of focusing on the positive, sifting out external influences, and staying true to oneself. She also addresses internal doubts and negative thoughts.

Disrupting Negative Thoughts [00:08:28] Juanita shares her technique of disrupting negative thoughts by doing something out of the ordinary, like going into nature or listening to music.

Trusting Your Gut [00:11:51] Juanita talks about the importance of cultivating and trusting your gut feeling when doing business with people, and how it took her years to develop this skill.

Staying Present and Not Missing Red Flags [00:16:23] Kyle and Juanita discuss the importance of being present in the moment and not missing red flags, as well as the significance of making intuitive decisions.

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