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SAGE Insights – Five Leadership Lessons from 200 Podcast Episodes and Expert Interviews

I can’t believe it, I’ve completed 200 episodes on the SAGE Mindset Podcast! That is an amazing milestone. In this episode, I share a few key leadership takeaways from these shows. To keep it simple, I broke the lessons into 5 insights.

It’s been an interesting journey along the way and I’ve found that the lessons I’ve learned from hosting a podcast fit very nicely with leading a team. Here are some of the lessons.

Find your voice. In the podcast world, you need to find your own voice to stand out and be able to influence. The same is true in leadership.

Learn how to ask great questions and listen well. It goes without saying that these are necessary skills in hosting and leadership.

Expect insights. As a host, I require my guests to provide life-changing insights to my listeners. And they deliver. As a leader, you can deliver this level of insight to your team and they to you too.

People are fascinating. After interviewing 150+ people I’ve learned a lot. One of the biggest insights is that people are fascinating. Now I assume the people I am interviewing are fascinating just like I assume they have powerful insights. You can believe the same with those you lead.

Finally, of the four parts of the SAGE Leadership Framework, accountability has proven over and over again to be the most valuable to my clients, guests, and listeners. Because of this, I have a free SAGE Accountability Guide that I’m giving away to help you unlock exceptional accountability in life and business.

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