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Joe Rockey- Becoming A Confident Business Owner

In today’s podcast with guest Joe Rockey, Kyle and Joe discuss leadership based on the four principles of gaining knowledge, which include listening to your employees, being courageous, justice, and humility. They focus on trusting and empowering your employees, setting up systems so that your business can function without you being present, and how each of the four principles works together to make you a better leader.

Joe Rockey launched his first business from scratch at age 25, and over a decade later it is strong and survived the pandemic. Since 2011, I have launched over 15 different entities in multiple industries – to name a few: podcasting, business consulting, personal growth coaching, keynote speaking, and real estate investment.

Notable Quotes:

“I want to help people make a difference in their lives.”

“I am getting a sense of fulfillment that I am helping people become better off.”

“Accountability is justice. What did you do based on your actions, not your words?… My words line up with my actions.”

“Ultimately their personal fears that hold their businesses back, and for most of us, that’s the answer when our businesses don’t succeed.”

“Everything with your business is going to be an extension of your relationships.”

“It’s a continuous journey that keeps taking you to a better and better situation.”

00:00-00:34 Podcast Introduction

00:35-01:17 Introduction of today’s podcast guest, Joe Rockey.

01:18-02:05 Joe and Kyle greet each other and get ready for conversation.

02:06-03:07 Joe briefly tells listeners about what he does and what motivates him to do this work.

03:08-05:19 Joe talks about the importance of having structures in place and trusting your people.

05:20-06:42 Joe reminds listeners that before you can put structures in place, the business owner needs to have a clear understanding of the purpose of the business.

06:43-13:26 Kyle and Joe discuss how the process of empowering begins with hiring the right people and creating a culture of empowering everyone within your business. Joe gives us a specific example and discusses how it works and why many business owners don’t operate with this mindset.

13:26-14:57 Joe discusses the system that needs to be set up in place in order to make it possible to empower people in the way he suggests.

14:57-15:57 Kyle and Joe discuss accountability in the workplace.

15:58-19:38 Joe talks about the importance of being a boss who listens well and who creates a culture that allows employees to ask questions and bring up ideas, especially if you want to be able to take a vacation or step away from your business and have it still operate.

19:39-22:38 Joe tells us that personal fears are the biggest thing that hold back business owners.

22:39-26:40 Joe talks about the four things/four pillars that everyone needs to implement in their business.

26:41-28:55 Joe discusses the role of faith in business and how his four principles stem from his faith.

28:56-35:14 Joe talks about the challenges of each pillar and how the pillars work together to make you a better leader. He reminds us that the goal of leadership is to find balance, to make sure that you treat others fairly and are also being treated fairly, and to be clear on the expectations you have for your employees.

35:15-37:04 Joe and Kyle wrap up the interview. Joe’s final piece of advice is to just go out there and start doing these things because they work.

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