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Jerry Macnamara- Grow your Business and Still Make it Home for Dinner

Today’s guest on the Blue Shirt Leadership Podcast is Jerry Macnamara. For 25 years, Jerry’s fearlessly positive approach to business led to massive success. He’s led five companies in five different industries in B2B and B2C and in both products and services. Jerry has been selected as Business Journal’s Ultimate CEO and Business Journal’s 40 under 40. He runs Proven Chaos, a company driven to help CEO’s create compelling companies that outperform…and still make it home for dinner. His mission is to positively impact 5MM people in the next five years through better business. 

On today’s podcast, Jerry Macnamara and Kyle discuss the importance of good communication in leadership, of listening well, and of looking at your employees as whole people. Jerry tells stories from his own experiences and encourages business owners to lead with intention, to set clear and realistic goals, and to invest in themselves as leaders. 

Notable Quotes:

“The most important thing that I can do as a leader is send my people home on the weekends with clear minds and whole hearts to go be with their families.”

“If we recognize our people as whole people, if you’re good at work, you have the potential to be great at home and if you were good at home, you have the potential to be great at work.”

“You have to live your life on your terms. That’s the most important thing that you can do as a human being.” 

“Patience comes from having a plan and then you have to take action.” 

“Failure is simply feedback of what is working and what’s not working.”

“There’s no better investment than in yourself, because it allows you to invest in all of the people around you.”

“Treasure collaboration over conflict.”

Show Notes:

00:00-01:15 Welcome to the podcast and brief description of the purpose of the podcast

01:16-02:12 Introduction of guest and summary of Jerry’s accomplishments and achievements

03:03-05:13 Jerry tells a story about regularly working 100hr weeks until he ended up in the hospital thinking he was having a heart attack at 26 yrs old, and he shares a revelation he had while laying there. 

05:42-06:29 Learn from other people. You don’t have to learn all of life’s lessons yourself.

06:30-07:46 Jerry talks about doing what he’s doing because people should enjoy their work. 

07:47-10:45 Jerry talks about how the people who are good at ‘doing’ often get promoted to positions of leadership but they aren’t always good leaders and what can be done to help them.

10:46-12:33 Jerry provides an example from his life about a time when he did not lead well, and how poor communication and poor leadership led to a vacation in Paris where he still had to report to work every day. 

12:34-15:00 Jerry talks about the importance of communication in businesses and gives real-life examples of how this can be done.

15:01-16:29 Jerry makes the point that we are whole people, and being great at work can make you great at home and if you are great at home, you have the potential to be great at work.

18:37-21:04 Jerry and Kyle discuss how business owners can easily spiral out of control and the importance of conscious intention in leadership.

21:05-24:30 Jerry and Kyle discuss how to be patient in growing your business and how setting goals plays into business growth.

24:31-26:10 Jerry talks about failure as being feedback on what is working and what’s not working.

26:10-29:12 Jerry reminds listeners about the importance of listening to understand, as opposed to listening to respond. 

29:12-31:09 Jerry talks about why he does what he does and what his primary goal is for his work.

31:10-33:00 Jerry reminds us that it is possible for our business to outgrow our skills and encourages business leaders to build a community around them to help them grow in their leadership.

Connect with Jerry at or on Facebook and LinkedIn.

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