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Jerry & Gracie Johnson – An Adventure of A Lifetime Hiking the Pacific Crest Trail

As avid hikers, search and rescue veterans, and outdoors lovers, Jerry and Gracie Johnson set out on an epic adventure. Jerry and Gracie are retired law enforcement officers ready for a new challenge.

They chose the Pacific Crest Trail, which is a 2650-mile through hike from the border of California and Mexico to the Washington and Canadian border.

On this podcast, they walk us through some of their logistics, helping to save a fellow hiker in need of serious medical help, dealing with fires, overcoming personal fatigue, and many other challenges. They each share powerful insights from the lessons learned on the trail.

Most importantly, they learned the power of accountability and being a team. This a lesson we all can take to our businesses and relationships. To learn more and see their experiences on video, visit YouTube and search for Jerry and Gracie’s Adventures.

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