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George Brisker

George Brisker-Tech to Tools: Leveraging Corporate Skills in the Handyman Business

On today’s episode of the Blue Shirt Leadership Podcast, we welcome guest George Brisker. After spending over 30 years in the corporate tech world, George now owns a handyman business. He talks about how the skills and lessons that he learned in the tech world made it possible for him to be where he is today. Join us now as we listen in on the conversation with Kyle and George.

Notable Quotes:

“You have to start figuring out what’s more profitable for you: to be in the field and work in the field yourself or to hire other people so you can take care of business.”

“When in the business world, my definition of being accountable is to follow the company rules, even if you don’t like them.”

“Don’t be afraid of holding someone accountable.”

“Life is too short to learn from your own mistakes.”

Show Notes:

00:00-00:51 Kyle welcomes us to his podcast and reminds us what a Blue Shirt Leader is. He explains that a Blue Shirt Leader is someone that is loyal; their handshake means yes. They embody the four pillars of excellent leaders and put them into the way that they lead and the way that they run their businesses. 

00:52-01:28 Kyle introduces us to today’s guest, George Brisker. After over 30 years, George retired from the corporate world and now owns a home and tenant improvement company. 

01:29-04:44 George tells us about his background, as well as how his skills translated from the high-tech corporate world to becoming a contractor/handyman. 

04:45-08:00 George discusses some of the biggest issues that business owners forget about, specifically managing their business, managing employees, and resolving problems with customers.

08:01-09:49 Kyle and George discuss the importance of knowing your figures, your profit margins, and the ROI on your investments in your busing.

 09:50-14:53 Kyle and George talk about accountability and the importance of being a leader who holds their employees to the company standards. George explains the process for doing this and shares a story of a time when he did this and it ended up having a very positive outcome.

14:54-18:21 George shares a story with us about an employee who was stealing work from the business. It resulted in needing to get a labor lawyer, but George says that at the end of the day, he learned a lot and now runs his business a lot better. 

18:22-22:03 George shares a few tips about hiring employees to ensure that the employees you are hiring are quality people who you want working for you. He proceeds to talk about having trusted advisors around him, people who work for him and are employees but are very intelligent. George emphasizes the importance of trust in the workplace.

22:04-26:48 Kyle and George wrap up their discussion by talking about networking, both networking to help the customer and also to interact with other business owners both in and outside your field. 

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