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On today’s episode of the Blue Shirt Leadership Podcast, Kyle talks to Faith Wood, a communications and presentation specialist, about relationships that can get messy. If you are looking for someone to help you build a strong cohesive team and culture, develop responsive leadership practices, reduce conflict and unnecessary stress and help you overcome communication barriers,  Faith is the person to reach out to. Join us as Faith and Kyle discuss conflicts in the workplace, how your posture affects your tone, and the importance of stories. 

Notable Quotes:

“The first thing that we all have to learn to do is let silence do the heavy lifting.”

“Elevate. If we change our spine, we change our mind.”

“Just lift your eyebrows and notice how it immediately changes the way you’re feeling. We start to have some emotional mastery over our thoughts and our feelings and ideas, and it actually can convert you into a much better mood, more creative, more optimistic and positive.”

“If you wait too long to address a conflict, it festers, it’s like fish rotting on your countertop in the kitchen…we need to just address it really early, really quickly, and start with assuming good intent.”

“Most of the time, your business is going to thrive if you remember to have a conversation to connect with people on a personal level before you start trying to sell them something.

Show Notes:

00:00-01:10 Kyle introduces today’s guest, Faith Wood, and welcomes us all to another episode of the Blue Shirt Leadership Podcast. 

01:11-03:35 Faith explores the idea of gaining control over thoughts and words by pausing and leveraging a few moments of silence.

03:36-05:00 Faith expands further on the concept of elevating your posture and listening to how your words sound based on your posture. 

05:01-07:59 Kyle asks Faith about the best ways to address conflict and how to keep them from escalating. Faith discusses the importance of using ‘how’ and ‘what’ questions instead of ‘why’ questions in order to resolve conflict.

08:00-09:05 Kyle and Faith talk about stories and how sometimes we tell ourselves stories that might not be true. When this happens, we tend to feel the need to justify the story, leading to behavior that might not be the best.

09:06-11:23 Faith reminds us that people crave human connection and tend to do business with people that they like. She encourages us to create likeability, tell stories, and create connections.  

11:24-12:12 Kyle and Faith wrap up this conversation. If you would like to get in touch with Faith, you can reach her at or check out some of the books she has written at 


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