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Damani Thomas – One Man’s Quest to Change the World with Bio Fuel

Learn what it takes to stick with a dream for 19 years and a man changing the world on the latest SAGE Mindset Podcast Episode.

Damani Thomas invented the D30 fuel and is changing the world with its applications. The D30 fuel is a semi-synthetic biofuel designed to be more sustainable than E10. The D30 fuel has a higher energy density.

It uses more complex synthetic biofuels and less petrol resulting in a more environmentally friendly and cost-effective transportation fuel that burns cleaner but cheaper than its predecessor, lowering the energy budget and fossil fuel dependency.

In this episode, you will also learn about how he overcame the failures, has recently gotten significant traction in his initiatives and has the power of believing in your “why.”

To learn more about Damani and D30, visit to connect with Damani.

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