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Breanna Gunn – Figuring Out Your Market and Messaging Is Easier Than You Think

In this fun episode, Breanna Gunn shares with us several useful and practical insights about business funnels, messaging, and finding your voice. As an expert copywriter and funnel specialist, Brea brings great perspectives to her clients and to today’s episode.

You will learn the importance of data and how to gather it. She urges us to look at our data and create opportunities to use the data to better our sales and interactions with prospects. Speaking of prospects, I asked Brea about how to know who is a great fit for your business.

She made some suggestions you can immediately apply. Figure out who your best customers are and replicate them. Talk to them and find out what makes them tick then get your message out to fit this ideal customer.

Number two, ask powerful questions such as “What else is difficult about this challenge?” and “If I could wave a magic wand to solve this problem, how would it make you feel?” Through it all, Brea challenges us to know our own voices and share our stories.

To be real with our customers is one of the best ways to serve them. To learn more about Breanna Gunn and her services, visit

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