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Chris Michel

A Guide to Effective Sales Techniques with Chris Michel

Joining us on the Blue Shirt Leadership Podcast is Chris Michel. Chris is the founder of Coach Chris Consulting and the author of The Red Chair Experience: Daily Inspiration for Success in Life and Business. He helps heal the self-inflicted sales harm that people do to prevent them from being more profitable and successful. Today he is going to share with us a few techniques to overcome sales stumbling blocks and avoid becoming too ‘salesy.’

Sales Stumbling Blocks [00:01:09] Chris Michel discusses how people create their own sales objections and how to avoid them by active listening and focusing on benefits rather than features.

Overwhelming Customers with Information [00:02:56] Chris explains how people sabotage themselves by telling customers every little detail about their product or service, overwhelming them with information they don’t need.

Adapting to the Customer’s Language [00:07:05] He advises on adapting to the language and needs of the customer without becoming “salesy” or “sleazy” by listening and using language that is important to them.

Active Listening and Removing Jargon [00:07:56] Chris emphasizes the importance of active listening and removing technical jargon when communicating with customers to avoid being perceived as “salesy” or “sleazy.”

The Red Chair Experience [00:11:47] Chris talks about his book, “The Red Chair Experience,” which is a daily inspiration for success in life and business. He encourages readers to find a place to sit and experience life, get inspired, and be motivated on a daily basis.

Contacting Chris Michelle [00:14:31] Contact Chris through his website,, where his social media accounts and other information can be found.

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