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Thank you for being on the Blue Shirt Leadership Podcast. You are awesome. Now let's get your content out there.

Please follow the steps below.



Blue Shirt Leadership Promotion Tips ✅ Promote Your Episode!!

👉 First thing: Check your email for the exact date your episode will be published and then complete ALL 4 steps below at least 1 day prior to the episode airing.

Step 1

Post your episode on social media and send it to your email list. I'll give you the link to your episode on the day that it airs. Let's get you some exposure! You can also post it to your LinkedIn as a featured item and ask people to listen to it on your About Me page.

Step 2

Leave a review about YOUR Episode on the app you use to listen to podcasts

Please visit the show page and drop a like, review, and subscribe. When you leave a great review this not only promotes my show it also will promote your episode. You can use the Apple Podcast site or any other platform you prefer.

How to review on Apple

  • Open the Podcasts app
  • Choose “Search” from the bottom row of icons and enter the name of the show (i.e., “The Blue Shirt Leadership Podcast”) into the search field
  • Select the show under Shows (not under Episodes)
  • Scroll down past the first few episodes until you see Ratings & Reviews
  • Click “Write a Review” underneath the displayed reviews from other listeners. You’ll then have the option to rate us on a 5-star scale, and write a review if you choose (you can rate without writing if you’d prefer)

How to review on Spotify

  • Open the Spotify app on your device.
  • Tap the Search tab, then type the podcast's name on the search bar; this will lead you to the podcast's show page. ...
  • Tap the rating immediately underneath the podcast's description. ...
  • Drag your finger or tap on one of the five stars to leave a rating.

Step 3 - Super Guests Complete This Step

Video Testimony:

Take a few minutes to create a 1-3 minute promotional video of your episode. You can use your phone or a webcam to talk about the highlights of the episode you want your network to hear. Share about your experience too. Click to watch a great example. Some things you can say:

  • Your favorite part about being on the show.
  • One business tip/insight you shared on the show.
  • Ask people to check it out on social media.

Let your network know about how awesome the episode is and when they should expect to be able to listen.

You can send the video to, the raw version is fine or you can upload it to YouTube.

Step 4

Professional Headshot

If you haven't already, please send me a professional photo. I'll use this to promote your episode and make sure people know who they're listening to!


👏 Thank you again for being a guest on the Blue Shirt Leadership Podcast. I look forward to promoting your episode and getting your wisdom and insight out to my listeners. Changing just one life as a result of what you shared is my goal. Everything else is BONUS!! 📈

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