One Thing You Must Know About Leadership Coaching

| Apr 10, 2018

Leadership coaching, executive coaching, or life coaching is a growing industry. Many people are experiencing leadership breakthroughs and success because of the coaching they receive. But is it for you? Will it help you?

If you step back and think of coaching from the perspective of sports, would Serena Williams be as good of a player without her coach? How about LeBron James, Tom Brady, Patrick Reed (Master’s winner this weekend), or any other highly successful athlete?

If coaching can help these athletes (and 1000s more), coaching will definitely benefit you and your career. If you do one thing.

The Truth About Leadership Coaching

Here’s the important truth you should know before you get a coach. These athletes worked very hard to get to where they are. If you want to reach the highest levels of your abilities and profession, you will have to work just as hard.

Are you willing to put the work in and pay the price? Are you willing to commit to you?

We will commit to you. But your coach will never be on the field for you. Your success is up to you. A coach will do all they can to help you succeed, but they can only coach. A great coach will help you develop in the best ways possible.

But your development is based on your work.

The only reason to get a coach is if you want all the benefits coaching provides AND you’re willing to pay the price financially and in sweat and tears.

If this is you, leadership coaching will rock your world. First…

You Will Become More Self-Aware

Good coaching is built around the person being coached. Yes, we help you better understand yourself, but you are the expert on you. What we do is tap into your expertise and pull out the excellence that is within you.

Most of our problems are not the result of an outside issue, they are the internal stories we tell ourselves about the problem. We are our own worst enemy at times.

On the most basic level, coaching helps you replace the disabling stories inside you with enabling stories so you can experience long-term change.

You Will Have A Self-Development Plan

Long-term change requires goals, and we all know the power of goals. Goals add direction, create traction, and keep you focused. But goals are the most effective when you have accountability. With a coach by your side, goals are not a matter of if but when they will be accomplished.

Because you will be accomplishing many goals and be progressing toward job success and enhanced effectiveness in life, the limiting factor will be your self-development.

Leaders can only lead people into places they’ve been themselves. Our coaching helps you to get to those places and develop a plan to maintain a healthy trajectory to stay there.

One of my favorite authors explains the power of owning our self-development and improvement. Andy Andrews says, “My life – my personality, my habits, even my speech – is a combination of the books I choose to read, the people I choose to listen to, and the thoughts I choose to tolerate in my mind. . .”

The most effective and joy-filled people have aligned their values with all they do.

You Will Enhance Your Interpersonal Skills

Coaching can greatly improve your interpersonal skills. Fundamentally, we have designed our coaching process to help you better understand yourself and understand others so you can better connect.

We want to help you build more harmonious relationships with people. While people are complicated, our coaching will help you learn that behavior is not.

Healthy leaders have healthy relationships. These relationships are the key to your success and the success of those around you. With poor communication comes poor relationships and poor results. Investing in your ability to interact well with people is an investment that will give you an amazing return. But you have to start by investing in yourself.

Leadership Coaching Takes You To The Next Level In Work And Life

We don’t know what we don’t know. Coaching allows you to identify gaps between where you are and where you want or need to be.

More often than not, it is someone else that points out where we need to grow. It is much more challenging to be self-aware of these potential areas of growth than it is to invite someone to speak into these areas.

We are all committed to things in our lives at varying intensities. Our coaching helps you to be intentional about the areas that are most important to you. In fact, we will ask you on a 1-10 scale your commitment to any action steps created in the coaching sessions.

You are the leader of each session and set the agenda, but we will hold you accountable to your commitments. 

Imagine what it would be like to have someone who challenges you, highlights your strengths, and desires for you to always be growing and succeeding. In fact, sometimes the coach is more an advocate for the client than the client is!

John Maxwell once said,  “A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way.”

Would You Follow This Person?

Would you want to follow someone who…

  • Is aware of their weaknesses and strengths.
  • Knows their values and sticks to them.
  • Consistently achieves the goals they set.
  • Has a self-development plan so they will continue to grow and add value to others.
  • Understands not everyone is like them and will adapt to others so they can better connect.
  • Stays accountable to commitments and relationships.

If you are ready to accept the challenge that coaching will bring you and you desire to be a leader with these attributes and more, contact me today for a free coaching session and begin to unlock your potential.

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