3 Time Saving Apps All Entrepreneurs Need To Try

| Oct 29, 2018

Are you someone that is constantly striving to be more productive, save time, and save money? If so, these time saving apps may be a great help to your business. After several months of running Gillette Solutions, these are the key apps that keep me sane.

There are many apps that I use, but these tools are the ones that have the greatest impact on pushing my business forward. I’m going to skip some obvious tools like WordPress, email, CRM, etc. and focus on the digital tools that have an everyday practical use for business and sanity.


Notability is a powerful app that I use daily for taking handwritten notes on my iPad, marking up PDFs. I also use it for client meetings and brainstorming. If I’m honest, I also use it to do some coloring of PDFs. It’s therapeutic!

The tool is super helpful because you can search your handwritten and typed notes. You can email your notes to yourself or others. One client recently told me my “minutes” from our meeting really helped him get more clarity in what was said. And he was the one leading the meeting! You can find it for $7.99 on the App Store.


This hidden gem needs more exposure. This is a great task management application. It’s a robust and inexpensive. The app gives you the ability to sync tasks across devices, create repeatable tasks, email tasks to yourself, and store reference notes.

The to-do list tool is based on the Getting Things Done® methodology by David Allen. In fact, there’s even a setup guide that the GTD® people created for use with Nirvana.

The cost is super affordable at $5 a month, $29 a year, or $49 for life. I purchased the lifetime version.


Calendly allows you to set up a meeting without all the email and texting back and forth. You can send a link to people via email or any other messaging service. Additionally, you can embed the calendar on your website. I use it with “call to action” buttons on my website that links to my Calendly account.

This time saving app seamlessly integrates with several other applications. A few include Google Calendar, Gmail, Chrome, Salesforce, GoTo Meeting, Stripe, and many more.

I use the premium version and paid $96 for the year. This subscription allows me to email links for meetings with various lengths and purposes. The second feature I use is the questions feature. I use it to get contact info like name, number, email. Additionally, you can request information on what type of meeting it is and where they would like to meet.

In Summary

There are hundreds of other useful apps out there and you will need to find what works best for you. As a business that is just starting, it took me a while to shift to the paid versions of some of these tools.

Don’t waste your time as I did. Get the paid versions. Then use the tool to its fullest for the purposes of your business. Daily, these applications save me time and frustration. Each of these tools has more than paid for their cost in the first few weeks or months of use.

What digital tools do you use in your business that change the way you get work done?

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