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What happens when you do a mind dump?

Do you find on certain days you can't be productive, no matter what you try?...
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Seven Leadership Lessons Jesus Taught

Every Monday, I have a CEO meeting with the actual CEO of my business, God....
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The Power of Silence

Silence is often overlooked as an important aspect of our daily lives, but it plays...
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Communication is more than just the words we say

Communication. We all do it all day long. We are constantly talking, listening, and engaging...
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To Trust or Not…why trust in the workplace is important

  Do you find it easy to trust others? Or must trust be earned? As...
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Why you should start leading with Humility

In today's business world, it is easy to get caught up in the desire for...
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Are Core Values Guiding your Leadership?

As we begin diving deeper into what it means to be self-aware, we are going...
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4 Things you Should Consider if you’re on the Fence about Hiring a Coach

It is a common misconception that coaches are always sports-related. Today, they can coach any...
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How One Man’s Education Changed the World

George Washington Carver was born a slave in what is now Diamond, Missouri. At a...
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Do You Have A List Of Personal Values?

Are personal values really that important to think about? I'll let Gandhi answer that question, “Your beliefs...
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