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How about a new perspective on empowering others?

I’ve recently had the privilege of being interviewed on a couple of podcasts (you can...
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My Six-Year-Old Blew Me Away Over The Weekend

I hope you've had some fantastic adventures this summer like I have! We recently had...
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The Power of Celebrating Your Employees: Cultivating a Thriving Workplace Culture

My favorite memory of working at Thousand Hills Pet Resort was our summer employee party....
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Do you need a Vacation?

A couple of weeks ago, I was exhausted. My forced rebrand wasn't going as smoothly...
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What to do when you lose your motivation?

It’s hard to stay motivated. Whether staying productive throughout the whole day or sticking with...
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Why Bringing God into Your Blue Collar Business is So Powerful

As a business owner in the home services or trades industry, it can be easy...
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The Importance of Empowering your Employees

There’s a lot of talk now-a-days about empowerment and how to empower our employees. But...
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The Importance of Listening to Your Employees

The idea of listening to your employees shouldn't be a brand-new concept. But perhaps you...
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The Effect of Delegation on Blue Collar Businesses

Let's start with a definition. It's easy to confuse what delegation means.  Delegation – the...
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What happens when you do a mind dump?

Do you find on certain days you can't be productive, no matter what you try?...
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