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The Effect of Delegation on Blue Collar Businesses

Let's start with a definition. It's easy to confuse what delegation means.  Delegation – the...
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What happens when you do a mind dump?

Do you find on certain days you can't be productive, no matter what you try?...
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Seven Leadership Lessons Jesus Taught

Every Monday, I have a CEO meeting with the actual CEO of my business, God....
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Top Tips to Conduct a Great Interview

Making mistakes during the hiring process can be costly and frustrating. I've seen too many...
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Can following the Platinum Rule make you a better leader?

Have you ever heard of the Platinum Rule? The "platinum rule" is a management philosophy...
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Learn the WISER Way to Listen

Let's start with a quick story. John said to his wife, "You're the engineer of...
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3 Strategies to Improve Employee Development

Do you know how much it costs to train and retain your employees? In a...
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The Secret Sauce To Powerful 1 on 1 Meetings

When 50% of employees quit their boss, not their job, there's something broken in how...
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The Ultimate SOP Guide For Small Business Owners

Benefits of having Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) Small business owners may believe that standard operating...
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3 Tips for Building Momentum Toward Working ON Your Business

In 2008 I was in a motorcycle accident. At the time I had a Harley...
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