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A Motorcycle Accident that Shifted My Life

One huge catalyst in my life for ultimately writing Right Now Leadership - A 4-Part...
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The Power of Celebrating Your Employees: Cultivating a Thriving Workplace Culture

My favorite memory of working at Thousand Hills Pet Resort was our summer employee party....
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Navigating Fatherhood and Entrepreneurship with Grace

Running a business is no simple task. Simply figuring out the logistics can take hours...
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Why Bringing God into Your Blue Collar Business is So Powerful

As a business owner in the home services or trades industry, it can be easy...
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Why Accountability is So Difficult in a Blue Collar Workplace and What You Can Do About It

Accountability is a vital component of any successful work environment. It refers to the willingness...
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Can following the Platinum Rule make you a better leader?

Have you ever heard of the Platinum Rule? The "platinum rule" is a management philosophy...
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Top Hacks for Being a Boss That Listens Well

As a boss, listening to your employees and taking their feedback and ideas seriously is...
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Communication is more than just the words we say

Communication. We all do it all day long. We are constantly talking, listening, and engaging...
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3 Strategies to Improve Employee Development

Do you know how much it costs to train and retain your employees? In a...
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How A Balloon Helped Me Better Understand Communication

Talking is hard. Well, let me say it this way, communication is hard. With three...
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