Get The Actionable Strategies That Will Help You Become The Awesome Leader You Are Meant To Be!

Learn the 4-Part Framework for Becoming a People First Leader


You'll learn a proven four-part framework that will:

Help you become an effective and influential leader within your organization or business.

Help you achieve more than you thought possible with life-altering mindsets & habits.

Help you build a culture of accountability based on performance and results.

Help identify and let go of things that keep you from reaching your goals!

Gain the ability to lead effectively and confidently in all situations!

The key to great leadership is having the mindsets and habits necessary to help you and your team reach the highest levels of potential. This book will help you get there. 

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Empower your team to be, do, have, and achieve more than you thought possible!

SAGE Leaders understand their greatest asset is their team, and they empower them to collaborate, innovate, and take courageous actions in the marketplace.

Improve your performance within your business!

A SAGE Leader is always growing and improving. They value taking risks, learning, and being persistent in the process. 

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Growth and success

Lead your team and business to greater heights and success.

The SAGE Leadership framework provides insights, practical tips, and processes to help your business, the team, and yourself reach greater heights of success. 

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Transform your leadership and business with the latest book from SAGE Mindset Coaching.

About the Author

Kyle Gillette is the founder and CEO of SAGE Mindset Coaching. His mission is to help leaders shift their mindsets and habits to become the leaders they are meant to be.

After running four different businesses and seeing two of them succeed, Kyle knows what it’s like to have businesses fail and succeed. Kyle has been a small business coach to dozens of companies and ran a men’s mentoring program for three years.

He believes that every company should have a culture of accountability and growth with leaders who are self-aware and empower their teams. When not working with his clients, Kyle is a sports and CrossFit enthusiast.


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