Level Up Your Life and Leadership with 1-on-1 Coaching

Be More. Do More. Have More. Give More.

Is This You?

Are you ready to level up your small business and unlock its full potential?

Are you struggling to balance business growth and quality family time?

Are you a master in your field but find yourself challenged by the intricacies of running a business?

Are you longing for peace of mind and freedom from business worries during your downtime?

Do you dream of implementing foolproof strategies and systems that guarantee consistent results?


Look No Further than BLUE Shirt Business Coaching

With a coach, you get the accountability necessary to follow through on the shifts you need to make and help you focus on growing yourself and your business.

As an experienced business coach, Kyle will work with you to develop a powerful strategy that will help you achieve your goals and grow your business.

  • Develop a firm foundation of self-awareness.

  • Create accountability for yourself and your team members.

  • Experience meaningful growth as you make shifts in your mindsets and habits, enabling you to lead better, empower others, and grow your business.

What to Expect

Build Better Systems

Do you spend hours and hours working, only to end the day with a mountain of tasks left undone? Are you struggling to produce consistent results? Are deadlines being missed? All this and more can be fixed with the creation and implementation of better systems and we are here to help you build them. 

Empower Your Team

Are you wearing 'all the hats' in your business? Are you worried about what will happen to your business if you miss a day or go on a vacation? Are you constantly having to check in on the work of your employees to make sure everything is done the right way? Let us help you empower your team so they take ownership of their job and you feel confident in the work being done.

Grow Your Leadership

Do you question whether or not you have the ability to run a business? Do you enjoy the technical side of your work but feel overwhelmed by the logistics? Do you feel like an imposter? Let us help you become more self-aware, discover your talents, and build up your confidence. You are meant to be a great leader.

Increase Revenue and Profits

Are you tracking your financial data? Do you know what your biggest expenses are or what brings in the most profit? We will help you understand your data, identify areas of excess spending, and discover new ways to increase your revenue and become more profitable.

Next Level Accountability

Do you feel like you are on an island, alone and isolated? Do you have to make every decision, put out every fire, and handle every problem? What if you found out you're not alone? We will walk beside you on your leadership journey, creating accountability to help you make the mindset shifts you need to make in order to become the confident leader you want to be.

Transform your business with 1-on-1 coaching

Ready to revolutionize your business and achieve extraordinary success without having to spend every waking moment working? With the BLUE Shirt Leadership Framework, Kyle offers unparalleled business coaching tailored to your industry. Together, we'll dismantle the obstacles hindering your growth, empowering you to shatter the false notion that you must choose between excelling at work or enjoying the rest of your life. Prepare for remarkable breakthroughs that will transform both your professional and personal life. Don't settle for less when you can have it all.

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Coaching helps you focus on and bring about the future. Coaching is flexible and helps you see things from new perspectives. We will help you grow away from limitations of others or yourself and open you to possibilities. Coaching will help you innovate and adjust for more success.

Your mindset determines your level of success. If you have just one area that is stuck in a fixed mindset, we want to help you gain new perspective of this so you can grow. Your mindset sets the tone of your leadership and therefore what is possible for your team and business. Coaching with a focus on mindset isn’t about quick fixes but coaching you and helping you create small shifts in your behaviors and thinking that create massive change for your future, your team, and your business. 

Fundamentally, mindset coaching is about strategy. What is in the way of you achieving at the level you are meant to? Mindset coaching will help you see what is limiting your team from achieving at their highest potential. 

Your mindset about your ability to lead is the limiting factor of what’s possible in your leadership and business. We figure out where your strengths are and help you improve. Then we help you wisely manage your weaknesses. 

Confidence is a fickle thing but in our model, self-awareness is the foundation of great leadership. Much of our work is centered around self-awareness. The more in tune you are with yourself the easier it will be for you to understand where your low confidence is coming from and how to make adjustments. 

Coaching has been defined before as perspective. Often times, entrepreneurs simply need a new perspective to make the necessary shifts in themselves and their business to be profitable. The secret to a leaders success is their willingness to follow through on the goals they intend to achieve. Our Blue Shirt Framework is designed to create uncommon accountability in your life and business. This alone makes most businesses more profitable. We also help you build habits and systems for your business and team that make success far more predictable and repeatable. 

We will work with you during every session to ensure you have followed through on your commitments and empowered those around you to achieve at high levels. Additionally, we have tools and resources available to help you stick with your commitments. We’ve found a simple goals dashboard that is updated daily is one of the most powerful tools for goal achievement. Each of our clients is required to use a goal dashboard to track their progress and goal achievement. 

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