Unlock your business potential with BLUE Shirt Coaching.

Take your business to new heights in six hours or less.

We specialize in helping business owners shift from feeling like they are on an island in a state of SOS (stressed out, overwhelmed, and stuck) to having more courage, confidence, and freedom than ever before.

Are you aware of certain patterns and habits that are holding you back?

Do you lack the motivation you once had?

Are you struggling to get to the next level?

Are you frustrated with the results you're getting?

If nothing changes, what will things look like in one year? In five years?

Will you still be struggling with the same problems? Will you be lying awake at night worried about the same things?

Let me introduce you to The Breakthrough Session. This session will change your life in six hours or less.

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Why It Works

At BLUE Shirt Coaching, we specialize in a groundbreaking approach that empowers business owners like you to shatter limiting beliefs and reignite motivation, leading to increased revenue and confidence- all in six hours or less.

This is possible because of the way CHANGE works. True, lasting change is a four-step process.


Change requires the release of negative emotions, limiting beliefs, and misaligned values.


Once these limitations are released, you are free to create the future you want.


You can now take purposeful action towards what you really want.


With clarity of mind, you are now able to stay focused and be successful.

Our Promise

Quick Impactful Change

In the world of business, time is money. Our unique scientifically-backed method is designed to deliver profound shifts in record time, ensuring you don't just keep pace with the market, you lead it.

Targeted Approach for Business Owners

Tailored specifically for entrepreneurs, our program hones in on the unique challenges you face. Break free from the barriers that have been holding you back.

Expert-Led Transformation

Guided by our founder, Kyle Gillette, with more than 20 years of experience in business development and coaching, Kyle will be with you every step of the way.

Our Process

1. Assessment

We begin with a thorough understanding of your specific challenges and goals. We'll identify which area is most important for us to focus on: Career, Health, Personal Development, Family, Relationships, or Spiritual Life.

2. Breakthrough Session

Through our intensive, personalized sessions, we target and dismantle your limiting beliefs based on your initial assessment. This process takes place during two 3-hour sessions.

3. Implementation and Follow-Up

After the Breakthrough Session, ongoing one-on-one coaching ensures that the changes stick, setting you on a path of continued growth and success.



"No one has ever really challenged me to take a hard look at and identify my values before Kyle. He turned my cloudy approach to doing something with my life into something tangible. I feel like I've always had some drive but now I'm truly motivated and focus for my goals. Kyle takes a multifaced approach to personal growth and development."

Randal Gabel

Environmental and Controls Engineer


"I interviewed Kyle on my podcast and loved what he had to say so much that I decided I needed coaching from him! He did not disappoint! Kyle has been instrumental in my growth as a leader! Every coaching session, he makes me think, inspires me, and helps me move to the next level. I cannot recommend Kyle enough! If you want to grow as a leader or just as a human, Kyle is your coach!"

Stephanie Olson

Professional Speaker | Nonprofit Director


"Kyle is a terrific coach. He provided a spot-on evaluation of my DISC and Motivators Assessment. As a longtime student and practitioner of leadership development and mentoring, I strongly recommend Kyle to boost your individual and team performance to the next level."

Michael Dovilla

U.S. Navy Commander


"I first approached Kyle about improving my skills as a manager. Throughout the sessions, I realized that my problem wasn't managing my employees. It was managing myself. I own my own business, but I wasn't really in charge. Kyle helped me restructure how I approach work, which has made a dramatic difference...overall, I feel much more in charge of my destiny."

Todd Haskell

WWU Professor | Business Owner


"He knows the right questions to ask and the right follow-up questions to ask. He helps you get out of your own head and think through solutions to problems you're facing. Thanks for all the help, Kyle. You're great at what you do."

Taylor Rubart

Owner | Flannel Media


"I enjoyed working with Kyle and got a lot out of his coaching. From personal goals to professional, he helped me grow in many areas. Personally and professionally, Kyle helped me become a better leader, get better organized, set goals and action items, and coach me to see the big picture. Highly recommended."

Tyson Morgan


If you're not quite ready to jump into a breakthrough session and start seeing results right away, we encourage you to read through Kyle's latest book. Right Now Leadership: A 4-Part Framework for Today's Leader will introduce you to Kyle and will provide you with actionable tips to transform your leadership, unlock new mindsets, and unleash your potential.

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